Kalsi Hand Operated Manual Citrus Juicer For Fruits with Plunger No 3

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Sale! Kalsi hand operated Manual Citrus juicer For Fruits,Aluminium,Best Quality with Plastic plunger Expand

Kalsi Hand Operated Manual Citrus Juicer For Fruits with Plunger

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₹ 1,399.00

  • Forget about buying another juicer because this kalsi manual juicer is made from superb quality of aluminium and will last years and years may be to you 3rd generation if kept with secure.
  • This fruit juicer can juice almost every fruit items like orange,grapes,pomegranate etc.
  • Kalsi juicer can be easily detached as every screw has an plastic top over it and hence you don't require wrench or any tool to open it as bare hand is enough for it.
  • This manual citrus juicer has a vaccum base suction for strong and sturdy grip and if you want to set it permanently on any wooden table then you can also do it with some bolts once you remove the suction pad from the base.
  • System of the waste controller situated right beside the handle is like this: when you see that waste coming out is liquish type then just tighten the screw and similarly when the waste is coming out is very dry then you just have to loosen the screw..very simple.

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