Introduction to Best of Indian Products

Best of Indian Products is a cooperative marketplace of Indian Sellers spread across India. It is made with India at heart and with a thought that this platform helps Indian buyers and sellers.  

India is a big market and every MNC company wants to grab this market. We are low charge cooperative Marketplace jointly owned by Indian seller partners to build Indian alternate to MNC Marketplaces.

Every MNC corporation has many of its own brands which they mention as Exclusively available on They are their own brands so will be available on their website only and Indians are quite impressed by them.

Do you know that in India, 90% of e-commerce is controlled by MNC or foreign-funded companies while China they control less than 5%? We are giving away our market for dumping to MNCs with their brands and their products while China is selling its products to the world. These MNC corporates know that Indians are not like Chinese who respect their compatriots and go after MNC brands and corporates. China is growing at a much faster rate than India and producing more millionaires than India can produce.

It is a known fact that MNC Marketplaces are in losses of Rs. 100000 crores. These are businesses so they are going to recover much more than this from India when Indian businesses fail to stand because of their false advertising which shows drone delivering products in India which never has happened. We Indians have to understand that we will be a colony to sell products if we do not support Indian companies. Have we forgotten that we were a colony for dumping products by Britishers? Best of Indian Products will never get sold to any MNC as it is committed to a cooperative marketplace for Indian businesses betterment with shared ownership.

With these thoughts, we stated Best of Indian Products Marketplace where Indian sellers can sell at low cost to Indian customers. This way they will get a better price for same product. There are many products that are selling above MRP on MNC Marketplaces and in contrast, only a few get sold on ours because Indians think MNC means better. Slowly, Indians will move to MNC marketplace brands which are cheaper than Indian or they block Indian brand and only offer their brands.

In the past Amazon blocked one premium brand to sell cheap brands it owns and customers get so used to buying from MNC marketplaces that they start buying anything they offer. This will lead to Indian companies closing and increase unemployment. Even the US president has blamed Amazon for killing jobs there so it will happen in India too.

We will soon have a strategy to avoid this and it will increase our costs by few lakhs. We are committed to India and stand to make a viable alternative to save the nation from becoming dumping ground of their own brands.

We Indians can have our own Marketplace and we only need trust and faith from you to build India's Alibaba.

We are here requesting Indians to support India focused marketplace run by Indians to build a stronger nation.

We are committed to helping Indians sell their products at just costs sharing basis. We are committed to quality products and services. Except for a website and lot of advertising what else is being offered? They sell few products at loss to give an impression of price cut while making money on others and replacing Indian Brands. Many offers are above MRP and stickers are replaced or removed. This is going to increase in future as Indians increase their buying from MNC marketplaces. It might happen that company for which their customer works closes its business. It is time for Indians to understand that we have to not become a colony again, this time name of the company is not East India Company but MNC Corporates.

We respect Baba Ram Dev who has taken initiative to focus on India. Similarly, we are focusing on Indian brands and India. We are not against MNCs but their methods of replacing Indian brands. We are sad that most Indians are falling to trap of MNCs.

We can make Best of Indian Products strong only with support from Indians. We can offer a better price but it is up to Indian consumers to buy at a higher price from MNC Marketplaces. We will continue to fight against colonisation of India and do our best to offer better price and services. We remain committed to India and Best of Indian Products is a cooperative Marketplace for Indian sellers.

We look forward to the support from Indians.

We can have our own Marketplace which is jointly owned by sellers thus having low costs and better offers for Indian customers. We can save ourselves from becoming a colony and help in the growth of Indian Businesses.                         


Our team


Harkanwal Singh, Founder Vice President

Harkanwal Singh has many years of corporate experience in various departments. He has worked with Hitachi, Sharp, and Shell at positions in sales, customer support, finance, and taxation. The vision is to make a marketplace which keeps its partners happy. Only a Happy Partner can make its customers Happy is the thought behind the idea.

Amrinder Singh Mangat, Manager Procurement

Amrinder Singh Mangat is has extensive experience in procurement. He works closely with suppliers to keep needed supplies flowing, provide supply chain solutions and expertise, and drive business improvements that help them compete and thrive.

Simply put, we don't just make a sale — we align with our partners to make them more successful in serving customers.

Partners @ Best of Indian Products are our strength and stakeholders in the venture





“Best of Indian products is a marketplace where buyers around the world can get products online at low prices and good quality through sellers with minimum charges. Our goal is to be the best destination for Indians buyers world wide and sellers of India.HKS


Prepaid Marketplace of India With Least Costs for Sellers

We are committed to providing the best quality at the lowest prices. We are low-cost Marketplace so we enable our sellers to provide the Best Price.

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