Milton Slimtron Electric Lunch Box Tiffin for Office

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Milton's Slimtron insulated electric lunch box is designed to heat food on demand. Featuring 2 stainless steel containers in a shock-proof insulated carry box, your meal is spill-proof and easy to handle. Plug it in 30 minutes before you're ready to eat, its auto cut-off feature prevents overheating.

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  • Double-walled shock-proof electric lunch box
  • 2 stainless steel containers within
  • Heats contents in 30 minutes
  • 30-minute auto cut-off feature prevents overheating
  • Keeps food hot for hours
  • Available in 4 colour-options

Compact and Versatile Storage Solution

If you are looking for a unique and functional tiffin box for seamless travel purposes then the Milton Slimtron Electric Tiffin Box makes for a great buy. True to its name, this electric tiffin box comes with a detachable power cable that is snugged into a tiny case. You can simply connect the cord and reheat your food virtually anywhere, anytime, in just 30 minutes. Its intelligent plug-n-heat feature makes it a valuable product for your home, office and outdoor gatherings. When not in use, it automatically gets switched off within the next 45 minutes.

Spacious and Versatile for Different Food Types

The Milton electric tiffin box comes with two individual stainless steel containers, in which you can carry different varieties of food and snacks. Their airtight lids help to keep your food safe inside without causing leakage. Store dry or liquid food items in them and carry them in your backpacks whenever you step outdoors. Apart from a striking blue colour, these electric tiffin boxes are also available in other attractive shades, at Now, you can carry your food everywhere in these Milton Slimtron tiffin boxes and enjoy them hot and fresh whenever you like.

Durable and Sleek Design for Easy Carrying

Sleek and compact, these electric tiffin boxes can be easily carried in your bag without eating up too much storage space. Their lightweight finish keeps you from feeling any burden as well. Carry it around wherever you go and pack your meals in a stylish manner.

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