Glare Kitchen Flotilla Knife Set 5 Pcs

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GLARE KITCHEN FLOTILLA (Exclusive 5 Pcs. Knife Set) Expand

Glare Knife Set for Kitchen Flotilla (5 Pcs.)

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Features of Glare Knife Set for Kitchen Flotilla (5 Pcs.)

  • Edge of the knife blade is made by Special Technique called Tapper Grinding, Teeth Grinding and Atmospheric Hardened Hygienic standards for the smooth and fast cutting with use of AISI 420 top grade Mertensitic Surgical Stainless Steel
  • SOFT & SENSATIONAL GRIP with Flexible Fins very frist time our country in kitchen Appliances by utilizing imported THERMOPLAST (food Grade) Rubber Santoprene"made by Advanced Elstomer System USA

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