Kalsi Compact Juicer For Citrus Fruits & Pomegranate (Red)

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Kalsi Compact Juicer For Citrus Fruits & Pomegranate (Red) Expand

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Now get fresh and pure fruit juice instantly with minimum efforts. This professional juicer comes with a manual lever that on pressing with hands, easily squeezes outs the juice from various fruits such as orange, pomegranates, lemons, etc. Made from Aluminum and Iron it is corrosion free as well as durable and hence hygienic. It has a strainer with holes that easily separates the pulp and the pith from the juice. Also, with detachable funnel, strainer and other parts, it is easy to clean Corrosion-free, it is hygienic.Features: 1. Made of high quality aluminium. 2. Single press juicer , minimal effort 3. Can juice oranges, Pomegranate, Limes, Sweet lime 4. No wastage at all 5. The strainer can be easily taken out and washed . Thus, very easy to maintain. the best when it comes to Single press Hand Press Juicers in India . Made of High quality aluminium applies more than 1000 pounds of pressure.

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