Ayurvedic Natural Wild Turmeric Powder 50 G/ Kasthuri Manjal

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Ayurvedic Natural Wild Turmeric Powder 50 G/ Kasthuri Manjal Expand

i. Against Acne And Pimples
ii. Against Spots And Marks
iii. Against Sun Damage And Wrinkles
iv. Fairer Skin Tone
v. Against Oily Skin
vi. Kasthuri Manjal For Removal Of Hair
vii. stand body or facial hair. Many women have hairy skin issues.



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Wild Turmeric is known as Kasturi Manjal in India. It possesses Antioxidant, Antibacterial, Antimicrobial, Stimulant and Carminative properties. It helps in getting rid of unwanted facial Hair. It improves Skin complexion and reduces Dark Circles.
Kasthuri manjal is an exceptionally amazing gift of nature. It possesses almost every important property that your skin demands. The list given below will give you a gist of all the goodness that this magic spice holds.

i. Anti-Inflammatory: Wild turmeric or Kasthuri Manjal is an incredible anti-inflammatory agent who takes care of any inflammation of your skin which may be a result of many disturbances in nature, say pollution, the harmful rays of the sun, dust, allergies due to dirt and heat, etc.The anti-inflammatory agents of this spice help in cutting out the inflammation by deeply reacting with the impurities that have affected your skin.

ii. Anti-Oxidant : You must know that your skin is extremely delicate. It needs to be protected against all the agents out there in the nature that can lead to various skin disorders.Healthy skin is one that can breathe freely. Open and clean skin pores are the only way your skin can feel fresh and look beautiful.

Kasthuri Manjal is known to be an amazing anti-oxidant. Antioxidants take care of your skin by protecting it against the excess production of free radicals that are caused by the unwanted calamities of nature.

These radicals can affect not just the mere look of your skin, but they also can cause deep damage to your skin cells, leading to skin aging, losing of tightened and toned skin.

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