Sharp Remote Controller RM-L1238 Universal Led Lcd Tv Remote Control Compatible


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Sharp Remote Controller Rm-l1238 Universal Led Lcd Tv Remote Control Compatible 

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Name : Sharp Remote Controller ,RM-L1238 Universal LED LCD TV Remote Control Compatible with LED LCD Sharp Remote Controller

Brand : Others

Net Quantity (N) : 1

Compatible With - GA007BG22,GA031WJSA,GA074WJSA,GA162SA,GA164SA,GA169WJSA,GA208SA,GA257SA,GA296SB,GA297WJSA,GA323WJSA,GA339WJSA,GA351SA, GA372SA,GA387WJSA,GA411WJSB,GA455WJSA,GA472WJSA,GA472WJSA,GA481WJSA,GA493WJSA,GA499WJSB,GA515WJSA,GA520WJSA,GA531WJSA, GA538WJSA,GA564WJSA,GA574WJSA,GA576WJSA,GA586WJSA,GA610WJSA,GA627WJSA,GA635SA,GA746SB,GA764SB,GA779WJSA,GA796SA,GA797SB, GA825WJSA,GA841WJSA,GA872SB,GA873SA,GA877SB,GA880SA,GA965WJSA,GA976WJSA,G0018KJ,G0021KJ,G0023KJ,G0025KJ,G0026KJ,G1061SA, G1069PESA,G1071SA,G1076PESA,G1077PESA,G1078PESA,G1084PESA,G1085PESA,G1095PESA,G1133PESA,G1135PESA,G1163PESA,G1169PESA, G1170PESA,G1181PESA,G1277CESA,G1314PESA,G1342SA,GJ210,GJ220,010240,010290,RC1910,RC5112,G1571SB,G1587SA,G1593SA,G1600SA, G1603SB,G1606SB,G1634SA,GB016WJSA,GB028WJSA,076B0RV011,GA007BGZZ,GA718WJPA,GA857WJSA,GA867WJSA,GA976WJSA,GA007BGZZ, GA872SB,GA877SB,GA879SA,GA880SA,GA902WJSA,GA983WJSA,GB012WJSA,GB013WJSA,GB067WJSA,GB093WJSA,GB094WJSA,GB139WJSA,GB071WJSA. Note : Please Match The Image With Your Existing Remote Before Placing The Order The SHARP LED LCD Remote is an absolute essential for your Led Lcd. Equipped with different buttons and controls, the remote lets you adjust settings of your Led/Lcd. The remote has a compact and lightweight design that makes it easy to manage. It has an ergonomic handle that provides you a precise grip. Imported Generic Product Not By SHA

Country of Origin : India

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