The referral program terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions govern your participation in the Best of Indian Products Customer Referral Program, which we’ll call Program here for short. The Program is run by us; BOIP.

The Participants referred to below are you (a Qualified User), and the person you’ve referred (a Referred User). To be eligible for a reward, you, as participants must agree to be bound by the rules described below.

  1. Definitions

    1. Referred User: someone who’s been referred to BOIP by a Qualified User. You become a Referred User by clicking on a Qualified User’s unique referral link and creating a new account on Workable’s software (Referred Account). 
      Only the person who creates the Referred Account is considered the Referred User, and there can only be one Referred User for each Referred Account created.
    2. Referred Account: a new BOIP account created by a Referred User through a Qualified User’s unique referral link.
    3. Qualified User: someone who meets all of the following conditions:
      1. an active member of an account that has made a purchase at BOIP at the time the referral is made
    4. Eligible Referral: A Referred Account qualifies as an Eligible Referral if all of the following conditions are met:
      1. the Referred Account is created on BOIP by the Referred User through the Qualified User’s unique referral link / Email.
      2. the Referred User is not a member of any other BOIP account (whether they’re active, expired or canceled)
      3. the Referred User was not referred to BOIP at an earlier date by someone else
      4. the Qualified User has made no more than 9 Eligible Referrals
      5. the Qualified User cannot be a member of any single BOIP account that has collectively made more than 29 Eligible Referrals
      6. the first payment submitted by the Referred Account to BOIP was successfully processed
      7. the Referred Account created by the Referred User must not be for a company associated with any other BOIP accounts (whether they’re active, expired or canceled or a paid, free or trial account)
      8. the Qualified User and the Referred User cannot be employed by the same company
      9. the Referred Account must make a BOIP purchase within 30 days of the date the Referred User first clicked on the unique referral link from the Qualified User
      10. Referred User can’t have the same IP address as the Qualified User
      11. The Qualified User must not have posted their unique referral link on a “coupon website” or similar website
      12. the Referred User can’t have the same IP address as any other user of BOIP (whether the user is a current or former user) at the time the Referred User signs up)

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