Panasonic ES-WR40VP Women's Battery Operated Shaver

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Panasonic ES-WR40VP Women's Battery Operated Shaver Expand

Dry shaving technology to remove hair

Battery operated, not - rechargeable

Cordless use

Easy to carry & handle

AAA batteries, easy to carry anywhere               

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Panasonic ES-WR40

Smooth results anytime, anywhere.

Dual position blade

The adjustable shaving head flips and locks into both horizontal and vertical position. Perfect for fine detailing in any area where you spot an unwanted hair.

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Dry Shaving technology

The shaver works best when used dry. The safe-to-touch blade uses subtle vibrations to remove hair without causing damage to the skin. No water, foam or gel is necessary – so use it anytime you need a quick touch-up, wherever you are.

Compact design for easy portability

Stylishly designed, the precision body shaver is great for use when on-the-go. It fits perfectly into a cosmetic case or bag.


From the manufacturer


Our battery-operated Women’s Shaver is one such product, which will make your life easier and also save on your precious time. This product is safe and easy to use and handle. The shaver is extremely portable being battery operated and can accompany you anywhere you go.

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Smooth and Gentle Shaver

The trimmer uses a smooth pivoting head to gently follow the natural contours of the skin to closely and precisely you’re your hair on the face, chin, neck, underarms and back.






Lightweight and Portable

This shaver is lightweight and an extremely portable tool for your grooming needs. It has a sleek wand-like design, providing a secured grip. This compact shaver is very simple to operate and does not require any electrical source for its operation.

Long-Lasting Blade

The shaver’s ultra-sharp blade retains its precision-honed sharpness. The blade is made from stainless steel and is extremely durable even with regular usage. The sharp edge will always give you precision and smooth shaving results.

Pivoting Dual Position

This shaver has a quick-pivoting shaving head that smoothly flips and locks for fine detailing on hard-to-reach spots. This easily adjustable shaving head can also flip and lock into a vertical angle to fit perfectly onto the sleek snap on cap.






Cordless Use

This device is wireless and is battery operated. As the device uses AA batteries, it does not require a charge. It is extremely easy and convenient to use. The shaver also has a conventional on and off button for ease of use.

Washable Blades

This shaver can be cleaned easily without much effort. Just rinse the entire shaver under warm running water, and it will be cleaned and ready for its next use. A cleaning brush is provided for removing stubborn stubble.

Amazing Experience

The shaver works best when used dry. The safe-to-touch blade uses subtle vibrations to remove hair without causing damage to the skin. No water, foam or gel is required. It can be used to do a quick touch-up whenever you feel the need for it.         

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