Gillette Shaving Foam Menthol 196 g

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Gillette Shaving Foam Menthol 196 g Expand
  • Ideal For: Men
  • Skin Type: Sensitive Skin

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Relish the unique menthol effect, that will surely wake you up and kick start your day even if your alarm clock doesn’t. Apart from the refreshing fragrance that comes with it, menthol has an innate ability to cool your skin and soothe any irritation. This Menthol Gillette Shaving Foam will definitely show you how. The shave foam has been formulated to help men with sensitive skin turn the shaving ritual into a fun affair. Sensitive skin is very vulnerable to skin damage, but your skin is at greater risk when you shave as the top layer of protection is also being stripped.

Gillette has crafted this foam with utmost attention so it is easy to spread onto the area you wish to shave, be it the complicated jaw line or the chin area. Using this foam with a brush ensures that you get a comfortable close shave and are left with soft skin after. This Gillette foam works up a thick and creamy lather, that puts up a thick layer between your skin and the razor, reducing friction during the shave. Formulated with the comfort glide formula, the foam also allows your razor to sweep smoothly over your skin, removing hair with ease. Enjoy the clean shave and also contribute to a clean and green planet as this foam has no CFCs that harm the protective ozone layer.

  • Gillette
  • 196 g
Maximum Shelf Life
  • 36 Months
Gift Pack
  • Menthol
Container Type
  • Bottle
Shaving Foam Traits
Ideal For
  • Men
Skin Type
  • Sensitive Skin
Additional Traits
Other Traits
  • Thick and Creamy Lather, Spreads Easily, Comfort Glide Formula, No CFCs

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