Panasonic EH-HT45-K62B Hair Styling Brush Iron 32mm Barrel

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Panasonic EH-HT45-K62B Hair Styling Brush Iron 32mm Barrel Expand

  • Easily create large curls and volume with 32mm barrel along with bristles
  • Adjustable temperature 140 to 180C
  • Corded usage
  • Hair catching clip
  • INR ₹ 3,395.00

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₹ 2,379.00

  • The round plate is alunite-treated for effective thermal conduction which assures users to make uniform, bouncy curls whichever part of the heat barrel is used
  • Subject to the terms and conditions mentioned on the product warranty card
  • 360 degree swivel cord
  • Perfectly for those who are not used to hair irons to enjoy salon-like hair dressing on their own with ease and safety
  • Warranty shall be valid for repairs against any manufacturing defects for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase mentioned on purchase invoice

Styling Brush Iron

From the manufacturer


Our Hair Styling Brush Iron is one such product, which will make your life easier and also save you on your regular visits to the salon. This product is quite safe and easy to handle and use. This brush will allow you to have beautiful large curls with a lot of bounce and volume.


Your Own Hair Stylist

This brush easily styles up your hair without damaging them.






Convenient to Use

This brush iron is extremely convenient to use. The brush comes with dual settings mode, which can be adjusted based on individual needs. This brush helps in creating curls in addition to adding volume to your hair.

Adjustable Temperature

This hair styling brush has an adjustable temperature option that ranges from 140° to 180°. It provides stabilized heat during styling. Hence you can create long-lasting, medium-to-loose curls and waves.

Compact Design

This brush is quite compact and handy that it can be carried with you at all times. The brush comes with 360° swivel cord which enables a better maneuverability.






Revolutionary Product

This brush is an extraordinary product that is a perfect combination of high-quality curling brush along with a temperature-controlled iron. In addition to this, it includes a hair catching clip, which helps in easily curling and styling your hair.

Salon at your Home

A perfect solution to all your hair styling needs. The perfect hair curler and styler to set up your hair the way you want just at the comfort of your house. This hair styling tool is an essential for every woman who love getting a hair-do for any possible occasion.

Uniform Curls

The round plate used in this brush is alunite treated for effective thermal conduction. This helps in creating perfect and uniform curls. No matter which part of the barrel you use, you will always get gorgeous bouncy curls that you would look forward to.


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