Vissco Venante Zip 1.0 Powered Wheelchair


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Vissco Venante Zip 1.0 Powered Wheelchair Expand

Venante's Zip 1.0 is a power wheelchair that is extremely reliable and safe. It can help you maneuver freely and easily, travel over a wide variety of terrains and even help you get through uneven or inclined routes. There is no need for anyone to assist you; this wheelchair gives you the independence you always wished for!

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₹ 97,750.00

Product Features
• Light weight with 120 kgs weight bearing capacity • Flip-up arm rest, detachable footrest • Easy to use controller-can be shifted from right to left side • Can move upto 20 kms in a single charge • Fire retardant upholstery with pneumatic pump and PU tyres • Dual lead battery operated w/double box control module for efficiency • Rollers for anti-tip and anti-topple

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