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Hormone Disorder, Menstrual Disorder And Blood Purification

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  • Cipzer Women Support Syrup is the best unani tonic for women.
  • Beneficial in several women health issues.
  • This syrup is the formulation of natural extracts found in the Himalayas and African jungle.
  • It is complete natural health tonic for women helpful in various health issues like hormone disorder, menstrual disorder and blood purification.
  • This product is developed with an aim to improve the overall women health.
  • This is developed in the state of the art lab after deep-dive research and experiment.
  • Cipzer is one of the largest unani supplement suppliers in India and has developed many unani products for women that are beneficial to fight with health issues.
  • If you are looking for female health support syrup then Cipzer Women Support syrup is right for you. Try it and live a healthy lifestyle.

Ingredients :- Amla,Giloy,Halela,Balela,Badiyan,Makoh,Bekh kasni,Kalonji,Qand

Dosage :-Take 5ml twice a day, one after breakfast and the second one after dinner. We strongly recommend you to talk to your physician about the usage of the product.

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