Cipzer Majoon-E-Azaraqi 125gm

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Useful In Paralysis, Sciatica, Hemiplegia, Paraplegia

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Cipzer Majoon-E-Azaraqi

  • It is a rejuvenating blend of herbs is specially formulated to balance Vata doshas without aggravating Pitta or Kapha doshas.
  • It may be used to support overall health and well-being by Vata constitutions with or without food.
  • For those with a dual constitution that includes Vata or a tridoshic constitution, it is an excellent formula for the Vata season, which in most parts of the world is autumn and early winter.
  • This is the time when Vata gets aggravated. Majoon-E-Azaraqi contains herbs that help the system remain balanced throughout the season.


Other Information

  • CONTENTS / IN THE BOX - Powder
  • SHELF LIFE - 18 Months
  • FOR - Unisex
  • HOW TO USE - 3 grams to be taken twice a day with water after both meals.
  • INGREDIENTS - "Azaraqi Mudabbar Strychnos nuxvomica Linn, Berg-e-Gaozaban Borago officinalis Linn. Leaf, Ustukhuddus Lavandula stoechas Linn. Flower, Kateera Cochlospermum religiosum Linn. Gum, Narjeel Cocos nucifera Linn. Endosperm, Maghz-e-Chilghoza Pinus gerardiana Wall. Kernel, Dana Heel Khurd Eletarria cardamomum (L.) Maton Seed, Zarambad Curcuma zeodaria Linn. Rhizome, Shaqaq-ul-Misri Pastinaca secacul Linn. Rhizome, Sandal Safaid Santalum album Linn. Heartwood, Aamla Emblica officinalis Gaertn. Fruit"
  • SIZE - 125 gram


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