Cipzer Itrifal Zamani (125gm)

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Cipzer Itrifal Zamani (125gm) Expand

useful In Headache, Dizziness, Migraine And Intoxication

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Itrifal Zamani

  • It is useful in Melankhulia, Headache, Dizziness, Migraine, Chronic Cold, Joint pains and Intoxication.
  • It also stimulates Peristalsis and Relieves Colic Pain.
  • Beneficial in chronic constipation.
  • Act as mild laxative.

Other Information

  • CONTENTS / IN THE BOX - Powder In The Box
  • SHELF LIFE - 18 Months
  • FOR - Unisex
  • HOW TO USE - 5–10 grams to be taken at bed time with water or milk.:25 grams for constipation.
  • INGREDIENTS - Post Halela Zard:Post Halela Kabuli:Halela Siyah:Gul Banafsha:Saqmonia biryan:Turbud:Kishneez :Post Bahera:Amla Khushk:Gule Surkh:Gul Nilofar:Tabasheer:Burada Sandal Safaid:Kateera:Rogan Badam Shirin:Sapistan:Unnab:Gul Banafsha:Shahad / Honey:Sat Leemun
  • SIZE - 125 gm

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