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Improves Bowel Movement,Indigestion,Constipation And Digestive Disorders

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  • Arq Hazim is a combination of six proven herbal digestives helps in for any type of constipation. Today's lifestyle has us consuming fatty, spicy, preserved, refrigerated foods and strong condiments.
  • Arq Hazim helps in corrects digestive disorders in those who regularly consume the same so that one may never stop enjoying the flavours of today's life.
  • Arq Hazim corrects imbalance of Samana Vata, Pachak Pitta and Kledak Kapha (Ayurvedic factors related with Digestion) to restore perfect digestion.
  •  Arq Hazim is non habit forming.Made in the India - The finest quality product will meet all your expectations.

Ingredients - Azadirachta indica,Trachspermum ammi,Punica granatum,Foeniculum vulgare,Mentha piperita,Zingiber Zerumbet,Allium cepa,Zingiber officinale,Carum carv,Coriandrum sativum

Dosage :A daily dose of 50 ml. in the morning or 25 ml. twice a day in the morning and evening

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